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Don't just take our word for it—hear what our satisfied customers have to say about their experiences with Water Mold Inspection and Rebuild. Our clients' testimonials speak volumes about our dedication to excellence and our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our customers come from various backgrounds, including homeowners, business owners, property managers, and insurance professionals. Their feedback reflects our consistent track record of delivering exceptional restoration services.

Sarah Mount. - Jacksonville, FL

”I can't thank Water Mold Inspection and Rebuild enough for their swift response to our water damage emergency. Their team arrived within an hour of our call and immediately took control of the situation. Their professionalism and advanced equipment saved our home from further damage. ”

Deb and Michael - Tampa, FL

"Water Mold Inspection and Rebuild's 24/7 service truly came through for us after our storefront was damaged during a severe storm. Mike and his team answered our call and came to our store quickly. their emergency storm restoration team and expertise made a huge difference in getting our business back up and running smoothly."

Lisa Davis - Melbourne, FL

"When I discovered mold in my home, I was worried about the health of my family. initially i had seen block grout in the bathroom tile but after removing a few loose tiles I found mold on the wall of the bathroom. The mold assessment by Water Mold Inspection and Rebuild in Melbourne was thorough and reassuring. Their professional mold removal process made our home safe again and they billed our insurance directly for all work done, including rebuilding walls and new bathroom tile."

David Peter - Orlando, FL

"We had a plumbing leak that was hidden behind a wall. Water Mold Inspection and Rebuild's plumbing leaks detection service was a lifesaver. Their non-invasive techniques located the issue quickly, preventing extensive damage and costly repairs."

Jennifer L. - Sarasota, FL

"After a devastating fire in our restaurant, Water Mold Inspection and Rebuild's disaster restoration team provided invaluable support. They handled everything from debris removal to restoration, helping us rebuild and reopen our business quickly. They were upfront with their term agreement, their costs and the process. "

Mark Richards. - Naples, FL

"I can't recommend Water Mold Inspect & Rebuild enough for their mold remediation services. Their mold prevention measures not only removed mold from our home but also ensured it wouldn't return. Mold was treated, some walls were replaced, the whole interior was pained and our home looks better than before. They were able to bill the insurance so we only had to pay a very small fee. Our family is breathing easier now."

Carla Soft. - Palm Beach, FL

"Our commercial property faced extensive water damage, and it seemed like a nightmare until we contacted Water Mold Inspection and Rebuild in Palm Beach. Their commercial services saved us time and money, getting us back in business faster than we thought "

Robert Hick. - Treasure Coast, FL

"When a hurricane hit our area, the storm left us with severe damage. Water Mold Inspection and Rebuild's emergency storm restoration team on the Treasure Coast provided a quick and efficient response. They truly know how to handle storm-related challenges."

Jessica Wes. - Port Orange, FL

"I was concerned about the health risks of mold in my home. Water Mold Inspection and Rebuild's mold assessment put my mind at ease. They not only identified the issue and addressed it, but also educated me on how to prevent future mold growth."

Kevin Blasio. - Daytona, FL

"Water Mold Inspection and Rebuild's 24/7 service was a lifesaver when we had a plumbing leak that flooded our home in Daytona. Their team arrived promptly and handled the water damage restoration with utmost professionalism. They helped with restoration and billed the insurance directly. "

Maria Gutierrez. - Naples, FL

"After a major flood in our home, we didn't know where to turn. Water Mold Inspection and Rebuild's disaster restoration team in Naples was our guiding light. They handled everything from cleanup to repairs, making a difficult situation much more manageable."

Tammy and John Stample. - Treasure Coast, FL

"We had an ongoing issue with plumbing leaks that seemed impossible to trace. Water Mold Inspection and Rebuild's plumbing leaks detection service on the Treasure Coast saved us time and money by pinpointing the problem accurately." They took immediate action to dry all the water and replaced damaged walls, floors and cabinets. "
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